New products developed for Airline Captains

As a result of many (many) requests, we have developed a couple of new things especially for our Airline Captain customers (though these will benefit anyone).

J-HOOK MAIN HANDLE - For those customers who plan on carrying their BrightLine Bag on the J-Hook off the back of their rolling suitcase, we have developed a new Main Handle that has two notches that are the same size as the J-Hook.  Now your BrightLine Bag will travel securely centered on your J-Hook.

SIDE POCKET ECHO - This is a dedicated, infinitely-adjustable, insulated water bottle side pocket.  It will adapt easily to any size container and allow one-handed access to your bottle, mug, or thermos.

LOCKING ZIPPER SLIDERS - (Only on new B4 and B7 configurations. Individual modules will likely not have this feature yet.)  Now the main compartment zippers can be locked with a small luggage lock.  This will give you that extra bit of security.  

BLB On Business Update TV

This segment has been shown on Discovery Channel, CNN, and Business Update TV. This overview video tells the BrightLine Bags story, and tells about the creation of The FLEX System with its "Adaptive Utility". See what The FLEX System is all about and hear from some field professionals about what they think of it. Hear about the creation of The FLEX System directly from the founder and inventor, Ross Bishop.

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