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The B10 CLASSIC is a popular workhorse of the FLEX System line.  It's a perfect VFR flight bag, good for students, instructors, and professional pilots alike.  It can't be converted into any other configurations unless you add more components.  It is a less-versatile version of the B7 FLIGHT bag.  Includes a Main Handle and Shoulder Strap.  B7 vs. B10 Video


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B7 vs B10

Why the B7 versus the B10?


The B10 CLASSIC is the FLEX version of our award-winning original Pilot Flight Bag. It's the perfect Pilot Flight Bag for VFR to light IFR and can satisfiy most pilots needs. It's also a great travel and business bag since it will hold a 13" laptop plus accessories.

The outside dimensions of the B10 are 13.5” tall x 14” wide (including the additional width of the two external side pockets) x 10" deep (including the 3 pockets on the front cover). See the SPECS tab for more dimensional information.  And remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand somewhat in every direction.

The B10 CLASSIC is assembled by combining a FRONT BAG, a REAR BAG, one SIDE POCKET ALPHA (Radio Pocket), and one SIDE POCKET CHARLIE (Pen Pocket)


Note:  The B10 CLASSIC cannot be converted into any other configuration using only the included modules.  This B10 CLASSIC is a less-versatile, more affordable version of the B7 FLIGHT, and it's intended for pilots who KNOW they want this exact bag, and they don't really plan on reconfiguring the bag larger or smaller for different gear needs on different days.  Of course, you CAN add any of the other FLEX System modules at any time.  If you think you'll likely want to build other bags (expecially smaller configurations like the B0 SLIM) then you'll want to consider the B7 FLIGHT because it has this capability built in right from the start and you don't have to spend any extra money.  The B7 FLIGHT is a better value and it's more versatile if you're looking for a bag of this size.

• On the FRONT BAG, you have the nine pockets on the front panel. Yes, it looks like there are only three pockets on the front panel, but each pocket you see is actually three pockets. A main pocket, a secondary small elevated inside pocket, and then a flat pocket on each pocket cover.  These nine front pockets do an unbelievable job of organizing all your small stuff.  You know - the stuff that just ends up getting jumbled up all together in the bottom of all your other bags.  Organize your mobile phone, keys, wallet, fuel tester, flashlight, multi-tool, business cards, chargers, cables, cords, batteries, digital camera, electronic E6B, etc.  The main interior compartment of the Front Bag comes with a removable and adjustable divider shelf so you can hold one headset and a portable GPS or a flight guide. Or you can hold two headsets of any kind.  This compartment is 13" x 9.5" x 4" on the inside, so you can store anything you need that will fit in that space  (Like a change of clothes, or your lunch).  And finally, on top of the Front Bag is a pocket for sunglasses with room for the case too.  There are two FLEX-Mount Pocket Stations on both sides of the Front Bag for mounting the two external side pockets.

• On the REAR BAG, there is a main interior compartment plus 5 pockets.  The main storage area is 13" x 9.5" x 3" on the inside, and is commonly used for charts, kneeboard, clipboards, manilla folder, documents, and even a 13” laptop (though it doesn't have an excess of padding, so a normal amount of care should be taken when carrying sensitive items). One interior small pocket can be use for smaller items like eyeglasses, markers, highlighters, batteries, earplugs, etc. This pocket is accessible both from the inside of the module and from the outside.  The rear cover of the Rear Bag has three flat pockets on it.  The main outside pocket with a flap can hold an iPad, or todays charts, or other documents.  The vertical-zippered slip pocket is a great place to store your library of checklists.  And finally, the flat half-height slip pocket is a great place to store today's checklist or boarding pass, etc. For the business traveler with computer, the smaller pockets can hold cords, cables, chargers, adapters, mouse, thumb drives, documents, folders, and clipboards, while also carrying your personal items.


- Side pockets are removable and interchangeable and are designed to hold radios, pens, water - things you want to access quickly on the outside of the bag.

Besides being the perfect Pilot Flight Bag for aviation, the B10 is great for traveling and business. Load it up with your 13” laptop, your iPad, snacks, pillow, dvd’s, magazines, etc.  And, while it will fit underneath the seat in front of you, if you want more foot room, just zip off the REAR BAG and put it in the overhead bin during the flight.