Pistol Wrap Medium

A fully-zippered neoprene enclosure for your hand gun.

The Velcro on the back allows you to attach this Pistol Wrap to the FLEX Array Base Plate and store it in any FLEX Center Section.

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Because guns can be dirty, the FLEX Pistol Wrap lets you enclose your hand gun in a neoprene case that is fully zipped.  There are Velcro strips on the back that let you attach this Wrap to the FLEX Array Base Plate and then store that inside any FLEX Center Section.

The Pistol Wrap has a simple strap handle that help you carry the gun, and two small loops to allow you to hang the Pisol Wrap from a peg if you like.

This is the smaller of the two Pistol Wraps.  See also the PISTOL WRAP LARGE.

See the SPECS tab for dimensional information, and the GALLERY tab for more photos.