Side Pocket Alpha

Designed to hold a large hand-held radio or a water bottle. Zipper conceals an expansion flap.


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The Side Pocket Alpha is a tall single-compartment pocket that is designed to hold a large hand-held radio.  ANY large radio will fit.  The antenna can stick up out from the side of the top flap.

OR, you can also store a water bottle up to 20 oz.  To accomodate larger bottles we offer the Side Pocket Echo.

There is also an external slot that can hold either, (a) a standard pen (see the Gallery), (b) the detached antenna, or (c) a glass-rod fuel gage.

NOTE:  This side pocket will not mount on the CS2 or CS3 because these modules do not have FLEX Mount Side Pocket Stations.  Only the CS4, CS5, and CS11 can accept Side Pockets.