Pick your Parts, Build your Bag.

BrightLine Bags are gear bags that show the world you know what you’re doing. ™


Gear bags with Adaptive Utility.™

Welcome to a whole new approach to gear bags: It’s Modular and can be customized! With the BrightLine Bags FLEX System®, a handful of well-engineered parts lets you build hundreds of different bags.

The whole point of the FLEX System® is to let you respond to the simple fact that some days you have more gear, and some days you have less.
Some days you need THIS set of gear, and some days you need THAT set.

Your life has different arenas, each with its own gear, so your bag should adapt to those needs by making it easy to add and remove space when you need. We call this Adaptive Utility™.

Start with one of these pre-configured bags.
It may be just what you’re looking for.

These are the standard pre-configured bags that we put together for you.
They are just logical starting points from which hundreds of different possible bags can be built.


Organize. Mobilize. Utilize.™

  • No other bag gives you so much control or such great access to your stuff.
  • No other bag HELPS you do your job like the BrightLine Bag.
  • No other bag lets you build the perfect bag for exactly the things YOU need to carry.


Our most popular bags are the B4 • SWIFT and the B7 • FLIGHT.
Note that there is also an ECHO” version of each. You can further customize each bag once you add it to the cart.

New Arrivals

We’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and have developed several new products and accessories.
Take your BrightLine Bag into whole new worlds!

I got my bag the other day and I have to say that there are few products that I get excited about their functionality and quality when researching them, and then have them exceed then my expectations when they arrive! My FLEX bag did! Great product…Kudos to BrightLine Bags!”

John T, Arizona

This bag is brilliant. Everything that I would have put in a bag design is already in here. Well Done! I’m going to be your biggest advocate.”

Barry Lloyd, Rotorcraft CFI of the year, 2008, CA

I can’t tell you how much I like the new FLEX bag. I travel every week and need the perfect Briefcase. Sometime I need more room and sometime I need just a quick commuter bag for a day trip. With the FLEX System I no longer have the either-the-iPAD-or-the-laptop’ decisions.”

J. Avanzato

I have multiple sets of gear to deal with depending on the mission at hand. With my FLEX Bag, I can go from Pilot, to Optician, to Wedding Photographer, to Aerial Photographer without major re-packing. I now have my former bags for sale, as this is all I need.”

D. Kincade

Finally enough pockets for all the junk I carry as an active CFII! Your combination is smaller than my old bag and I have more room. Every pilot I’ve shown it to wants to buy one. Thanks for a great product!”

R. Meder

As a private pilot I value your products… however as a gadget guy’ who is into photography, motorcycling and business travel, I value them even more.”

R. Discenza

Far and away, my BrightLine Bag is the best purchase I ever made. As an Airline Captain, I can tell you that I can never go back to any other bag now that I’m THIS organized in this great bag.” 

Captain W. Adler, Southwest Airlines

All I can say is GREAT JOB! This bag is really fantastic. One of those, wish I had thought of it’ kind of things!”

Brad Irwin, CEO / Publisher Pilot Magazine, LLC (PilotMag)