Flight Bags

Organize and access your flight gear like never before.


A Bag By Any Other Name Wouldn’t Scale As Sweet

BrightLine Bags was born out of frustration of the existing bags on the market. Aviation pros need a lot of pockets and compartments to organize their gear. They need a bag that can accommodate their demands and their schedules. BrightLine Bags was founded to achieve this purpose.

There’s A Bag For That

These bags are made up of parts and accessories that people in aviation find useful. They are ready to fly in their current form, but you can also customize them to your heart’s content.

Originally Built For Aviation

The first BrightLine Bag was engineered specifically as a flight bag.


As a private pilot I value your products… however as a gadget guy’ who is into photography, motorcycling and business travel, I value them even more.”

R. Discenza

Flight Bag Accessories

The following components and accessories were made with aviation professionals in mind. Give the flight bag in your life the special gift it deserves.

Meet The Builder

Spoiler alert: It’s you! We’ve been working hard to improve your bag-building experience. Give it a whirl!