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Preconfigured Bags

One way to Build a Bag is to start out with one of these preconfigured bags. Any one of these may be the perfect bag for you right out of the gate. (They are our most popular configurations.) Each bag can, of course, be customized if you like.
Note that there is no pricing advantage with a preconfigured bag. The total price is exactly the same as adding up the cost of all the included parts. So feel free to add and subtract Parts to customize as you see fit.

Front Caps

Front Caps are the starting point for all bag configurations. They attach to the front of a bag, or directly to any Rear Cap.

Center Sections

Center Sections, true to their name, are the center sections of a bag. They go between a Front Cap and a Rear Cap. Since Center Sections can also attach to each other, you can create a custom bag by zipping together multiple Center Sections to build in all the space you need.

Rear Caps

Rear Caps go onto the rear of the bag. They can attach to the back side of any Center Section or even directly to a Front Cap.

Side Pockets

Some of the Center Sections allow even more customization by offering mounting stations for Side Pockets. Specifically, Side Pockets can be mounted on CS4, CS5, and CS11 Center Sections. (The CS2 and CS3 are too narrow for Side Pockets.)


The FLEX ARRAY provides unparalleled organization for all of the small things that need a home. All of the FLEX ARRAY pouches attach to the FLEX ARRAY Base Plate, so you can arrange them in just the way you want.

Photography Gear

Your camera can now enjoy the same royal treatment as your other gear.