Range Bags

Introducing a range bag that has unbeatable expansion and organization capabilities.


A Better Range Bag

Shooters love BrightLine Bags because they can build the exact bag they want. Adding more room is as simple as zipping on a new section. It’s easy to add pockets, shoulder straps, handles, internal pouches, and more. 

Old-school bags make you fit their conventions. BrightLine Bags lets you build your bag your way.

The Right Fit

Start with a bag size that best fits your needs. Once you put it in the cart, you can add or remove pieces to create your perfect bag.


The Marksman’s Choice

Marksmen rely on their BrightLine Bags for a wide variety of shooting and tactical applications. Whether you are looking to create a small range bag to tote your pistols and magazines to the firing line, or a more expansive bag to hold everything from your water bottle to your laptop, we’ve got your six.

Shooting Gear

These products were created specifically for shooters:

Meet The Builder

Spoiler alert: It’s you! We’ve been working hard to improve your bag-building experience. Give it a whirl!