How do I decide which bag to buy?

The B7 FLIGHT is our flagship bag. It is the updated version of our original BrightLine Pilot Flight Bag. It offers the ability to build 4 different configurations including the B4 SWIFT. If unsure which bag to buy, we suggest taking a look at the B7 FLIGHT first.

If the B7 FLIGHT isn’t large enough, you can add an additional center section. If too large, then consider starting with the B4 SWIFT. Our FLEX Center Sections are all designed to zip to each other so it is possible to add additional Center Sections when needed.

What is the difference between the B7 and the B7-E?

We designed the B7-E specifically for airline captains and crew who plan on hanging their BrightLine Bag from the J-Hook of their rolling suitcase. The B7-E includes a molded J-Hook Main Handle to fit securely onto most J-Hooks eliminating the need for O-Rings.

In addition to the J-Hook Main Handle, the B7-E is configured with a Side Pocket Echo in place of the Side Pocket Alpha. The Side Pocket Echo is a fully adjustable and insulated side pocket designed to carry any size water bottle from 0.5L to 1.5L.

What is the difference between the B4 and the B4-E?

We designed the B4-E specifically for airline captains and crew who plan on hanging their BrightLine Bag from the J-Hook of their rolling suitcase. The B4-E includes a molded J-Hook Main Handle to fit securely onto most J-Hooks eliminating the need for O-Rings.

In addition to the J-Hook Main Handle, the B4-E is configured with a Side Pocket Echo in place of the Side Pocket Alpha. The Side Pocket Echo is a fully adjustable and insulated side pocket designed to carry any size water bottle from 0.5L to 1.5L.

What will it cost to ship to my location?

Shipping costs will vary depending on the size and weight, the location and whether the address is a business or residence. To obtain shipping options and costs, please select the items you would like and enter your shipping address. Before entering payment information you will be provided all available shipping options and costs.

We ship from the San Francisco Bay Area, USA and any import duties or regional taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. We will pack and ship all orders received by 12 Noon Pacific Time on the same day (M-F excluding holidays) and a confirmation with tracking will be emailed in the evening on the ship day. When ordering over the weekend, or after 12 Noon on Friday will ship the next business day.

Please note that sometimes Ground Shipping can be faster than 3 Day express if your ship address is on the West Coast.

I have my own FedEx/UPS account, can I use it?

Absolutely! Many of our customers are FedEx or UPS pilots with their own shipping account. Please call or email to place your order.

I have an old (more than 4 years old) BrightLine Bag. Will the new FLEX System modules zip onto my old bag?

No. The new FLEX System modules will not work with the old BrightLine Bags. This is because the new modules are slightly larger than the original BrightLine Bag modules, and the separation zipper (the zipper that zips each module together) is entirely different on the FLEX System. We had to change the zippers to ensure interchangeability between modules. The new Flex Modules will only work with those pieces that have the FLEX logo tag on them.

My bag has a defect. What do I do?

Go to the “SUPPORT” menu on our home page and choose “Warranty/Returns”. Tell us about your problem and we’ll take care of you. You’ll need to send a photo or two of the affected area, as well as a photo of the square 1-inch white tag found inside each affected component.

My zipper has failed in such a way that the zipper teeth remain “unsealed” both in front of, and behind, the zipper head. What should I do?

This is a very infrequent problem that can occur to any zipper on anything such as jackets and backpacks etc. It turns out that you can very likely fix this yourself with the help of a document we have on our website. Go to the “SUPPORT” menu on the home page and click “Documentation”. Then scroll down near the bottom of the page and find the document titled, “Zipper Repair Trick.pdf”. Click “Download” and save it on your hard drive. If you have any trouble, let us know.

The large plastic-tooth "separation" zipper is really hard to get zipped together.

Here is a great little "trick" that will really help.

It seems logical and intuitive that you should hold the two sides of the zipper teeth close together in front of the zipper slider and “feed” them into the zipper as you try to move the slider over the teeth, but it turns out that this type of zipper likes exactly the opposite.

If you actually spread the two sides of the zipper teeth wide apart in front of the zipper slider and create sort of a “Y” shape going into the zipper slider, then it turns out that the slider moves far easier to “swallow” the teeth and get everything zipped together. This is counter-intuitive, but you’ll find that it’s a great technique for making the seemingly-sticky zipper behave.

With time, as the nylon of the new bag “relaxes” into the new “zipped-together” shape, the zippers will adapt to their new shape and they will become smoother and more cooperative.

I'm an airline pilot and my bag keeps slipping off the J-hook of my rolling suitcase. Is there any way to stop this?

Yes, there is. We’ve just recently designed the J HOOK MAIN HANDLE, this handle is designed to center on the J-Hook without even needing O-rings.

Is your Bag Waterproof?

It is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. The material itself is highly water resistant, but no zipper can keep water out. So the bag as a whole is not waterproof. It will do fine in brief light rain and with splashes of water, just don't set it outside in a downpour, and don't drop it in your bathtub.

Are you going to make the bag in different colors?

At this time, we are only making the bag in black. Surprisingly, many companies require their employees to carry black bags. As we grow, we will begin to introduce other colors (we're taking requests). However, if you can make an order of 500 or more bags, we can make a special run of any color you want. Know that the lead time is 3-4 months...

Do you sell your bag internationally?

We ship to just about every country in the world right from our shopping cart, and we also have dealers in about 25 countries outside the USA. To find a dealer near you, visit the Find a Dealer page or email us at info@brightlinebags.com.

I live outside the US and want to find out how much it is going to cost for shipping. How do I do this?

Shop for your items and then add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart. When prompted to enter your information, do so and hit enter. You will then be given your shipping costs. The transaction will not go through until you accept the total cost. If you accept the cost, hit enter and the transaction will go through. If it doesn’t look good to you, simply leave the shopping cart. You will not be charged for the transaction.

I love your bag, but I want to see it first before I buy it? Where can I see your bag?

We sell The FLEX System through a partnership of retail dealers both domestically and internationally. You can use the Find a Dealer page to locate a dealer near you or email us at info@brightlinebags.com.

I received your bag as a gift, but it isn’t right for me. How do I return it?

If you bought it from BrightLine Bags, simply notify us at info@brightlinebags.com that you would like to return your unused bag back to us. Send the bag back to us and indicate that you are returning the unused bag, along with your phone number and email address. Once we have received the bag, we will credit you the amount of the bag. We may need to contact you to properly apply the credit to the card you used to buy the bag. If you bought it from one of our resellers, please contact them directly as they may have a different return policy.

Why are the zipper pulls color coded?

The color-coded zipper pulls were designed to help you remember where you put specific items. There are a lot of pockets on this bag and we thought the color coding would help you remember where you put your items. There is no specific meaning to the different colors. Every user will pack their bag in their own special way, so every user will be able to establish a system that associates a particular color in a different location with a particular item.

A Zipper Pull broke on my bag. Can I get a replacement?

Yes. Simply send an email to info@brightlinebags.com and indicate which color of zipper pull you need to be replaced. When replacing a zipper pull, using a small screwdriver tip or a small knife blade, carefully and gently open the zipper pull catch tab just enough to remove and replace the zipper pull. The metal on the zipper pull catch tab is quite ductile and can snap if you open it too wide or too quickly. Squeeze the catch gently when closing.

Are there other uses for the bag beside Aviation?

Yes!! Clearly, the FLEX System will work equally well for Pilots, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Personnel, Service Technicians, Transportation Professionals, Photographers, Musicians, Businessmen, and Travelers etc. And because every professional is also a traveler, and every professional also has other areas of their lives where a good, organized bag can make a difference, we know that The FLEX System can an invaluable tool in many different ways for almost anyone.

I would like to see a FLEX Module or Pocket geared towards my specific interests. How do I recommend future FLEX Modules or Pockets?

We want to hear your suggestions! FLEX was designed using customer feedback over three years. So, we listen to what you have to say. And to that end, we have established The FLEX Factory. We are in the constant process now of developing and manufacturing a steady stream of new modules and pockets and accessories to extend the functionality of The FLEX System. But no matter what things WE think of, we know YOU will think of new and exciting additions to FLEX. We're committed to turning these ideas into products. Together, we'll make FLEX the bag system by-and-for-the-people. To suggest an idea for a new FLEX module or pocket or accessory, send us an email info@brightlinebags.com and submit your idea. We will be tallying the number of requests we get for each item and then manufacture those with the greatest number of submittals. Get your friends to voice their opinions as well as we will only manufacture a new module if there is demand.

I don’t live in the US, but have a problem with my bag. What do I do?

If you are within the 3-year conditional warranty (See Warranty Info), contact the reseller you purchased the bag from and notify them you have a problem with your bag. If they cannot fix it, they will replace the bag. If you bought the bag from BrightLine Bags, contact us directly at info@brightlinebags.com. Please include a detailed description of the problem, a photo of the problem, where you live, when you purchased the bag. If we cannot fix the bag, we will replace the bag. The customer will be responsible for shipping outside the US.

​How do I become a BrightLine Bags Reseller?

If you are interested in becoming BrightLine Bags Reseller, simply send an email to sales@brightlinebags.com. One of our sales representatives will contact you and forward you the necessary paperwork to get started.

How do I become a BrightLine Bags Affiliate?

Do you have a website or blog that generates a lot of traffic? Want to make some extra money because of the explosive interest in the BrightLine Bags products? Becoming an affiliate may be the answer for you. Affiliates place a link to the BrightLine Bags website on their site. When a user clicks through and purchases a bag from the referral, our shopping cart tallies the sale and gives you a commission. Commissions are paid monthly. It's that simple. Email us at sales@brightlinebags.com to find out about becoming an affiliate.

Is BrightLine Bags on Facebook?

We sure are! Visit the BrightLine Bags Facebook page. Click "Like" or "Follow" and have all new BrightLine Bags information show up in your news feed.

Is BrightLine Bags going to be at any trade shows in the future?

BrightLine Bags attends many trade shows throughout the year. Look at the bottom of the Home Page and see our schedule of shows. Come to see us live. We'd love to meet you.

Does the BrightLine Bag have a military application?

Absolutely. The BrightLine Bag is used in flying squadrons throughout the military. With the FLEX System, the applications within the military have grown. Click on our Shooters page for more information.

What is considered “normal” wear and “abnormal” wear?

BrightLine Bags and the FLEX System were designed to effectively and efficiently carry the items you need for your specific mission. Normal wear is the wear that occurs as a result of daily use. Using the bag for what it was designed for. If a bag breaks down through a manufacturing defect during normal use during the 3-year warranty window, one would be eligible for repair or replacement. Abnormal wear is when the bag breaks down due to circumstances outside BrightLine Bags control. Abnormal wear would be dragging the bag, overloading the bag, water damage, fire, being run over, prop strike, animal damage, etc.

Do you offer embroidery?

Note that the Bag is very easy to embroider. For now, we do not offer embroidery, but anyone who offers embroidery service will be able to embroider the bag and here's how: If you look closely, you'll discover that the pocket cover of the top-most front pocket on the Front Bag is able to be removed completely. You wouldn't know this as there is a Velcro flap covering it on the bottom of the pocket. Simply unzip the top front pocket cover, take it to your local embroiderer, have it embroidered, and zip it back on. It's that simple.

Can I zip two front and rear facing modules on to themselves to form a bag?

No, you cannot. You cannot zip two front bags, two rear bags, two rear end caps or two front-end caps together to make a bag. Every module is one way directional. You can only put a front end cap on the front of a bag and the rear end cap on the rear. Plus, the zippers would not allow you to mate similar bags if you tried.

How is the B10 different from the previous Pilot Flight Bag?

The B10 is the Configuration most like the award-winning Pilot Flight Bag. However, there are some major differences. Right off the bat, the B10 is a half inch taller and a half inch wider than the previous bag. We did this primarily to offer better storage for 13” laptops, folders, clipboards, etc.

On the front of the B10, you will now find 3 separate pocket clusters. Gone are the individual Fuel Tester and Flashlight pockets. Those are now integrated into the middle pocket cluster. Also missing is the separate multi-tool pocket, which is now integrated into the bottom pocket cluster. The multi-tool pocket is located on the top of the bottom pocket cluster.

On the sides of the B10, gone are the built-in Pen/Pencil slots and Large Radio Pocket. We have replaced these with FLEX Mount Pocket Stations. You can now pick which pockets you have on the outside of your B10. The B10 comes with a Side Pocket Alpha (Pen Pocket) and a Side Pocket Charlie (Large Radio/Water Bottle Pocket). The Side Pocket Delta (double pocket) will not work on the B10 Configuration.

When one opens the B10, you will now find a gray lining that allows one to more easily identify items inside the bag. You will find this gray lining throughout the B10.

Finally, the separation zipper that connects the Front and Rear Bag is a resin zipper, compared to the coil zipper found on the original Pilot Flight Bag. This zipper allows you to add different FLEX System modules should you so choose. We had to change the zippers to ensure interchangeability between different FLEX modules. Due to this change, FLEX modules WILL NOT fit on previous Pre-FLEX Pilot Flight Bags. One can always find the FLEX tags on FLEX Modules to ensure interchangeability.

It is hard to get my end cap on my bag. Is there anything I can do to make it go on easier?

In some cases, it may seem like the zippers won’t zip together. However, if you just work to align the two sides and gently “feed” the teeth together into the Zipper slider, you’ll find that they do mesh with a little bit of care. Unless of course there is a broken tooth or some obvious major flaw. If nothing LOOKS wrong with the teeth, then they should join if you just work it a bit. You’ll have to push the gray seam that is right behind the zipper, out of the way, especially at the corners. And don’t yank or pull too hard on the zipper. You’ll be able to make it work with gentle feeding.

The first time is the worst because the nylon is tight and everything can be pushed together from shipping. But once you DO get them joined, then leave them that way for a bit, and the nylon will start to “relax” and this new position will become natural for the bag. After a few days, the zipper will just get easier and easier and soon it will work smoothly.

There is no way to avoid this initial difficulty, and it doesn’t happen on all the parts. It’s part of the nature of this type of zipper. And this is the only type of zipper that can guarantee interchangeability between modules.

What happened to the Velcro "stopper straps" that used to be on the Center Sections to keep them from "flopping" open when the main compartment was unzipped all the way? My new components don't have those straps.

You will find that your bag is actually complete and proper. Nothing is amiss. It turns out that we changed that part of the design.

Because of a great number of requests from lots of customers for a long time, we removed those Velcro "stopper straps" from the Center Sections in the most recent production version of the bag. We had so many customers who were complaining about how those straps continually got in the way every time they tried to insert an item into the bag, especially when the compartment wasn't fully open (like on the top-loading CS4), and these same customers were also saying that the straps did not really provide any benefit to them - and in fact they also caused a problem because the customer was unable to fully open (flop the cover 180 degrees open) without undoing the Velcro straps, and then having to redo them afterward.

So with all things considered, we decided to remove the straps entirely. Unfortunately, the Videos were made a while ago and it's a difficult (and impractical) thing to redo the videos just for that new feature.

We hope this doesn't cause a problem for you. We know that some customers have grown accustomed to those straps and the straps will be missed on the new components. We know that whenever making changes like this, it's impossible to please everyone. Our job is to try to please the majority.

Just know that nothing is wrong with your bag, and our belief is that your overall experience will be better without those straps. At least we hope so.

I notice that several modules open to the "rear". Which component opens to the front? And is it correct that two rear opening pieces cannot be put together? Specifically the CS2 & CS5? or the CS3 & 5?

You are correct in that every module is "one-directional" or "front-facing". Every module has a front surface and a rear surface.

As such, we had to make some design decisions regarding how they would go together in a configuration to give the best functionality in this realm.

The only module that opens toward the front is the CS4.

The other three modules (CS2, CS3, CS5) all open towards the rear.

Because of our original non-modular bag, the "Front Bag", which was 4 inches deep (to hold two headsets), the standard got established that the most necessary module for the most pilots (the CS4) would always be assumed to be the front-most module in any configuration (and in fact it would often be carried by itself with two end caps - as the B4 SWIFT). The POCKET CAP FRONT, therefore, attaches to the front panel of the CS4 (which is the panel that opens) and the FLAT CAP REAR would attach to the rear panel of the CS4.

This means that if you want to build a B3 - meaning two End Caps and a CS3, you will be forced to attach the POCKET CAP FRONT to the non-opening rear panel, and the FLAT CAP REAR would attach to the front panel of the CS3. The functionality is exactly the same, except the opposite panel (the rear panel) is the one that opens. No big deal.

And, of course, the same occurs if you build a B2 or a B5.

You can attach any two modules to each other, but you'll have different opening behaviors depending on how you zip them together. If you Build a Bag made up of a CS5 and a CS2, then since they both open to the "rear", then no matter how you zip them together, one or the other module will open in the "middle" of the configuration. Again, no big deal.

We decided a long time ago to NOT have two version of every module, one that opens toward the front and one that opens towards the rear, because the confusion and the trouble this would cause, which would be way worse than the minor situation of having modules opening in the "middle" of a particular configuration. (Not to mention all the headaches that come with having twice the number of items in the parts list from an inventory and stocking standpoint.

But if you choose a CS4-CS2 combo, or a CS4-CS3 combo, or a CS4-CS5 combo, then you'll be able to have one module that opens towards the front (CS4), and the other that opens towards the rear. Having any two (or three) modules that open this way or that way, really isn't a problem in any case.

If an individual wanted the maximum amount of options from a B0 to a B18 and anything in between, do you sell each of the sections all in one package price vs. the packages you list?

We established our prices such that the preconfigured bags are priced to be equal to the sum of the individual part prices. In other words, there is no “quantity discount” associated with the preconfigured bags (B0 SLIM thru B18 HANGAR). We consider these preconfigured bags to be logical starting points that, by themselves have proven to be very popular because they do tend to make sense.

We had to do this because we absolutely wanted people to freely start with a preconfigured bag then then “explode” it, and then swap out parts – like exchange a MAIN HANDLE for a MAIN HANDLE J-HOOK, or exchange a SIDE POCKET CHARLIE for a SIDE POCKET BRAVO, or exchange a CENTER SECTION THREE for a CENTER SECTION TWO, etc, and also add or remove components, without losing any “discount” that might have been there to start.

And of course, one does not need to start with a preconfigured bag. One can build a bag from scratch, one component at a time, and achieve maximum customization.

So you can pick out any parts and/or any preconfigured bags and not worry about how the pricing works out. It’ll all come out the same.

We have never put together any kind of an “all inclusive” package because it would always be wrong for anyone who would buy it. For example, the key parts are the END CAPS. You can have lots of different CENTER SECTIONS, but the only way to build multiple bags at once is to have more than one set of END CAPS. And what you decide to do there will determine how many MAIN HANDLES and SHOULDER STRAPS you want. And so on.

So just take your time and assemble what I would suggest might be a “starting list”. Get fewer items at first. Get the components that are going to let you build the bag(s) you know you’re going to make use of right from the start. Live with those for a while and then you can make decisions about how you’d want to expand the versatility of the system with the purchase of additional components. (Or not.)